FAQ: You have reached the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

How much do classes cost? How do I sign up for a class?

Please see the Calendar and click on any class for times, dates, pricing, etc. Class descriptions are here.

To enroll for a class and reserve your spot simply fill out the Registration Details and pay via PayPal or bring your cash/check/credit card payment to the first day of class.

What do I wear to class?

If you are taking an aerial class you will want to wear fitted pants that go to your mid-calf or longer, as your knees will be wrapping around the apparatuses. Wear a shirt that can be tucked in or is fitted for upside down moves. Leotards and dance tights will also work. Men may want to wear a dance belt, but it is not necessary. Everyone will be barefoot. We ask that no shoes be worn on the dance floor. This does not mean show up barefoot; we expect that you will have clean feet. We also ask that you don’t wear anything that has buttons, buckles, snaps, grommets, zippers, studs, or anything that can snag the equipment, this includes jewelry (rings, large or dangly body jewelry ,etc.). We ask this for your own safety and that of our equipment. Thank you for respecting this. Long hair should be tied up to avoid being tangled in the equipment.

For all other circus art classes, wear comfortable workout clothes you can move easily in.

Is it expensive?

Our classes are affordable so everyone can learn a circus art.  Our prices are between $10 and $30 for each class.  A glance at what you are paying for… Our instructors have had specialty training from all over the world, bringing to you once secret treasures only know to circus families. Our equipment is all professionally made and each piece is weight tested to ensure safety. For added safety we have gymnastic flooring and crash pads. We also limit our class sizes to ensure everyone in class is getting the proper instruction and attention they need. We offer people a chance to fly into their dreams. For $10-$30 that is not too bad. We also love the circus. We are a circus family ourselves, and this is how our collective dream has manifested itself. With that in mind, we love to reinvest in the circus, so feel assured that a good portion of our profits go to getting more equipment and training to bring even more circus your way!

Am I too young or too old to be a carny?

Heck no! As long as you and your body are willing and you are in good health, come join us. People ages 15 and up may participate in our adults classes. You will find Kids Classes (ages 5+) on the Class Descriptions page.

And for all you kids at heart, as it has been said, “We do not stop exercising because we grow old. We grow old because we stop exercising.”-Unknown. Of course we suggest you talk with your instructor about any conditions that may cause limitations. If you are not sure if a class is right for you, email Sihka before signing up for the session about any concerns you may have.

Can I try it out before I sign up for a whole session?

Yes, some classes do allow drop ins. Please check the Class Descriptions page to see if you can drop in to a particular class. All aerial classes only allow students to drop in for the first two classes of the session, as these are progressive sessions. Or Contact Us and we can arrange for you to come observe a class or visit The Last Carnival to see what we are all about.

What if I cannot hold my own weight up?

That is okay. We start all our beginner classes very low to the ground and help students to reach their own personal training and fitness goals. Circus art is a fun way to work out, so before you know it your body will be doing things you may not have thought it could. We divide our classes into levels so you will start in classes with other beginners. A great place to start and to maintain your strength and flexibility is one of our conditioning classes – Fly Fitness or Aerial Yoga! They are a great way to get that workout you need while still getting to use the professional aerial equipment.

Is it dangerous?

As with any sport or fitness regime there are serious risks that are involved and should be considered. We take many steps to reduce those risks, but they can never be fully eliminated. Students agree to participate at their own risk. All our equipment is regularly inspected. We use only professionally made circus apparatuses. All of our rigging components are weight rated between 22kn and 45kn (~5,000-10,000lbs). We use professional gymnastic flooring and crash pads. We also employ spotting techniques where necessary as well as teach skills progressively as to ensure a student has mastered one set of skills before moving to the next level. Students advance at a pace of their own, and are encouraged to work towards their personal goals. Our instructors have been through specialized and ongoing training programs (check out our bio’s for more on each instructor). We keep our class sizes small to ensure proper instruction. Your safety is very important to us. We ask that you read all our policies, follow the instructor’s direction, and listen to what your body tells you.

How do I join the circus?

Are you a professional trainer interested in working with us? Please email me a brief description your training history.