Handstand, Arm Balances and Inversions is a mixed level class where you will learn proper alignment, positions and techniques to build your strength while being upside down. Whether you can only do a headstand or you are comfortable on your hands, you will leave this class with new exercises and confidence within your own personal practice. Being upside down can increase blood flow, brain function, the immune system and mental health. It also counteracts the effects of gravity on the body, when you spend all day on your feet being upside down reduces the pressure on the back and load bearing joints. Ancient yoga teachers also claim that being inverted stops time. So come spend the class with us being upside and stuck in time!

This is a 60 minute class. Prerequisite: none. Drop Ins Allowed. $20/class.  When you sign up and prepay for the whole session the price per class is discounted to $15/class. Register online today though The Last Carnival calendar page.