Hand Balancing Level 1 Class

chinese poleAcrobatics is the art of exercising extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and cordination. In handbalancing level 1 students will go though a variety of activities to help build fundamental skills. Jeremaih will work with students on technique to achieve proper handstand form. Along with skills students will work though conditioning exercises to strengthen and stretch the body.

Handstands and stability are the first steps to becoming an acrobat. Once students have mastered the basics and they are ready to learn more advanced forms and tricks on hanbalancing blocks and canes, 20151207_144032students can move onto handbalancing level 2 classes .

This is a 60 minute class. Prerequsite: none. $25/class. When you sign up for the session the price is discounted to
$20/class. Instructed by Jeremiah. There will be room for six in this class.

Hand Balancing Level 2 Class

Hand balancing Level 2 Class will teach students will expand on te skills taught in level 1 focusing on proper wrist and shoulder postitioning, hip and back alignment, and how to stabilize the body. Hand Balancing class will run though drills to strengthen the muscles necessary to achieve proper form. Students will also start to learn circus style hand balancing tricks on blocks and canes.

This is a 60 minute class. Instructed by Jeremiah. Prerequisite: acrobatics and hand balancing level 1 or being able to hold a hand stand unassisted for 10 seconds. $20/class ($120/six week session) There will only be space for four people in each class, so reserve your spot today!hand balancing

History of Acrobatics

In the 19th century, the term Acrobatics was initially applied to tightrope walking. The definition has since expanded  to describe performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination. Acrobatic traditions are found in many cultures. There is evidence that the earliest such traditions occurred thousands of years ago. Historically, acrobatic skills were kept within families and passed from parents to children. Although this is still true, especially among family circus groups, most acrobats are now taught by professional circuses like The Last Carnival circus school.