The Last Carnival Acrobats Circus Ruckus Road Show:

Looking to book a unique type of show for your festival that is guaranteed to draw in crowds? We will bring you the circus and more! The Last Carnival Acrobats will produce a 30-90 minute long show which will include professionally choreographed aerial, contortion, acrobatic, fire, and dance performances. This is a high danger jaw dropping show that will be sure to make your audience gasp.

  • Tier 1 – $350 (15 minutes), $500 (30 minutes), or $650 (45 minutes) Fire Show. This show includes fire props (such as parasol, staves, fans, fire fingers, poi, hoops, torches and rope dart) used for fire dance, fire eating, and fire fleshing.
    IMG_2854 theSpringBurning26 IMG_20180118_185730_304 IMG_20190611_151114_01 20190504_202512 20190504_202603 IMG_20190611_151126_01 theSpringBurning PAR_3641_e PAR_3633_e PAR_3607_e PAR_3626_e IMG_20190606_212212_692 IMG_4410 PAR_3707_e IMG_3444 IMG_3423 FB_IMG_1632762417503 49796395_10213628128005283_1188287278934392832_o 49245638_10213628123365167_7661255142393511936_o 49213193_10213628123285165_8667022159677227008_o IMG_2851 IMG_2777 IMG_2769 PAR_3755_e IMG_9686 IMG_9703 IMG_9849 PAR_3468_e PAR_3523_e PAR_3561_e PAR_3631_e PAR_3676_e PAR_3703_e PAR_3709_e PAR_3725_e PAR_3755_e 15137641_10208174455503886_1771240584140167011_o 23031336_2166720903354071_4828836153124747737_n 23031376_2166721560020672_3854060380219161429_n 23456611_2179258592100302_6159422485874166171_o 22471924_1854921091186472_1133789112_o 19620159_10210215785215853_2934190582610889604_o 19477730_10210215772735541_5702874269326510173_o
    photographer John Clayton
  • Tier 2 – $500 Ground Acrobatics Show (30 minutes) This includes possible mixes of rolla bolla, walking globe, handbalancing, juggling, partner acrobatics, and contortion acts
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    photographer Laura Lockton
  • Tier 3 – $600 Fire and Ground Acrobatics Show mix (45 minutes)
  • Tier 4 $750 Fire, Ground Acrobatics, & Lolipop Lyra show (45 minutes) This show ads to our previous tiers by adding an apparatus that is a mix between aerial hoop acts and traditional circus Chinese pole acts to create a whole new experience. For evening performances we can even end the show with our fire lollipop act!
  • Tier 5 $1000 Aerial Acrobatics Show (30 minutes)
  • Tier 6 $1500 (60 minutes), $2000 (90 minutes) Ground Acrobatics and Aerial Show. This option can also be split into two or three separate shorter shows. They can be performed thoughout an event, broken up in the day, or over two days if lodging and food accommodations are provided.
  • Tier 7 $3500 this level of show includes a 90 minute stage show with live musical entertainment! Accomidations must be provided by the event.

***for events over an hour from our Lawrence Kansas studio, we charge $50/hour travel fees***

The Last Carnival Acrobats Circus Ruckus Side Show:
We can also bring roaming circus performances to get your event kicked into high gear and get people up and mingling. Roaming characters are $250/hr. with the current options of stilt walkers, jugglers, magicians, living statues, harlequin acrobats, and creature characters (fairies, mermaids, dragons, custom created characters on request.)

roaming character 5 chalk and walk group shot 2 chalk and walk group shot living statue IMG_20180314_185426_920 acro KU 2 KU acro fairy 2 IMG_20180812_135736_369 IMG_20180812_135736_371 Matt.Facepaint.Facebook.copy.first draft. IMG_20160711_114240 IMG_20160715_234802 IMG_20160730_165919 IMG_20160731_104513 13925911_10210107472540368_1591581996936248523_o YOG_0207 IMG_20180616_131044_096

Circus Ruckus Prop Wagon

Many people are interested in learning circus arts, but there is no one near where they live to teach them. This is one more reason having circus workshops can be a big draw for your event. Now you can have fully insured professional performers and instructors from The Last Carnival Circus School travel to your festival to teach amazing feats of strength and agility that will wow everyone in sight. Our circus ruckus wagon with costumed instructors is $150/hr.

Our Roaming prop wagon is a blast for all ages. Our wagon teaches kids and adults prop manipulation skills on the diabolo (Chinese yo-yo), flower sticks, scarf poi, staves, hula hoops, and spinning plates.

circus ruckus

circus props


Space Requirements :

For Rigging from Existing Structure – Structure must have I-beams or Trusses that can withstand loads with dynamic force. If the existing structure cannot be confirmed to withstand these loads, our portable rig can be set up indoors or outdoors. Ladders or a lift will need to be provided by venue for rigging to existing structures.

Portable Rig: Height 16 ft. (adjustable for uneven terrain and lower ceilings). Footprint 15′ x 18′