aerial contortionAerial Hammock is aerial silks with a twist ; meaning the aerial silks are strung from a from the ends of the fabric creating a hammock out of it’s center. When the silks are hung in this manner, a whole new vocabulary of moves is created.¬†Aerial Hammocks are sometimes used for therapeutic purposes in aerial yoga classes. However, in this class we will focus on the more dynamic and performance related moves that can be done in the hammock. Students will be taught how to create foot locks and wraps specific to the hammock. Students will also learn how to translate aerial silks, trapeze, and lyra poses, movements, and drops to the hammock. They will also learn about the different types of hammocks available to perform in and how this can change elements of the movements. We will do this through experimenting with the aerial net as well as combining multiple hammocks together and playing with the such as hammock length.

This is a 60 minute class. Prerequisite: none. $25/ class or register for the six week session to have it discounted to $20/class. Register online though The Last Carnival calendar page.aerial hammock