As The Last Carnival Circus School expands, it is in need of more instructors. So to fit those need we will be offering a teacher training program. New teachers will come from our our student base. This helps movement vocabulary remain consistent thoughout a students training, and offers opportunities to students in upper level classes to expand their circus journey.

To apply for teacher training you must fit all the following critieria

  1. be at least 18 years old of age and able to secure and maintain circus & aerial instructor insurance
  2. Have at least 2 + years of aerial, ground acrobatics, and aerial training

Teacher Training includes spotting skills, propper progressions, class structure, and curriculum. Teacher training is $250/hour. A minimum of 4 hours of instruction and 4 hours of observed teaching where Sihka watches you teach private and group lessons are required. You will also be required to have 6 months assisting in a class of the level you plan to teach.

For those wanting to become instructor who are not current students of The Last Carnival, don’t worry you can still get instructor training though The Last Carnival and use The Last Carnival curriculum. You can do teacher training though weekend intensives. The amount of time you may need will vary based on your prior experience. Contact us for details.