This is your spot to keep updated on all things happening in the upcoming weeks at the circus school…

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask your instructor or contact Sihka, owner of the Last Carnival school.

10 years in the making. Back in 2013, I moved from St. Louis to Lawrence Kansas and concocted the idea to start a circus school here. After many months of prep work, in January of 2014, we opened our doors to our first students. The school has morphed and changed over the years, and all along the way, I knew this was the best decision I ever made for my career path. I get to help people find strength, joy, and community for a living.
To celebrate 10 years as a school, I decided I wanted to make circus more accessible. This was the push I needed to start The Last Carnival Acrobats Patreon Page. You can run away to the circus with us by becoming a member of our Patreon community. This gives you access to edited for your home viewing circus shows, flexibility training videos, and beginner aerial acrobatics starting today! In the upcoming months, I will be adding more tiers so people can access multiple levels of aerial acrobatics tutorials.
But that’s not all. To keep the decade of circus celebration going, I have some exciting news on how to get in more circus with live performances and more that I will be releasing information on in the upcoming weeks. Until then, I hope you all visit and share my new project…..

aerial acrobatics

There will be class sessions running month to month.

Please be registered at least a week prior to your class to make sure you will be able to participate in the session. Current students’ class spots will be held from month to month. Please let us know if you do not plan to continue classes so we can open that spot for other students. Just a reminder that to have a make-up class you must give us at least 24 hours notice that you will be missing class so that we may contact students on the waitlists to try to fill that spot. If you cannot attend regularly, consider signing up as a drop-in student. When classes are booked full, regular students from aerial basics will be contacted first for drop ins spots and new weekly class openings prior to openings being publicly announced. 

In-Person Training Options :

contortionIf you don’t see a class option on our calendar, it is most likely available in private lessons. Currently we offer weekly classes in aerial silks, aerial yoga, aerial hoop, and trapeze. Those classes are appropriate for teen (15+) & adult students. Wanting to get your kids interested in alternative forms of fitness? Circus arts are great for kids who don’t fit into the traditional sports mold to find a way to stay active, have fun, build confidence, and socialize with other kids. We offer mixed circus arts classes (carny class) for level 2 kids ages 10-14. For beginner kid/teen students 30-45 minute private lessons are suggested to really get the basics down. 


Online Training Options :

Now you can get training no matter your location.  We are offering online training sessions using the ZOOM app. on a private lesson basis.  You can also recieve online training materials on our Patreon page.

Splits TrainingThere are now options available in the following:

-Finding Your Splits

-Flexibility for Any Body


-Aerial Yoga

-Yoga Wheel

Monthly WorkShops:

*Every first Sunday of the month we will be hosting a free aerial silks class for trans folks. The third Sunday of each month Monroe will be hosting a discounted beginner aerial silks workshop to make aerial more accessible to more people.

Trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming folks are invited to attend an introductory aerial silks class! Class will be taught by Monroe Hanson, a nonbinary athlete and local trans activist with Trans Lawrence Coalition, under the supervision of Sihka Ann Destroy at The Last Carnival circus school in Lawrence. Monroe is a new instructor and is eager to give back to their community by creating space that removes barriers to access for trans people and allows people to engage with both the art and the vulnerability of aerial silks.
This class is FREE, and any donations recieved will go 100% to Trans Lawrence Coalition. This class can accommodate six people, beginners only, and is specifically trans-inclusive. We want everyone who loves – or wants to love – the physicality of exercise and the challenge of learning new kinds of movement to feel comfortable in this space.
Please ask if you have any questions that your instructors can answer.
*Every first Thursday of the month Lillian will be hosting an intermediate level barwork workshop after her weekly beginner barwork class. These workshops will rotate so keep posted on the calendar page to see what is being offered. Some of the planned workshops are doubles trapeze, doubles aerial hoop, and tippy lyra.
*Every Third Thursday of the month Willow will be hosting an intermediate/ advanced level corde workshop.

Professional Performances:

If you are looking to book circus acts for your event check out our hire performers page!

You can catch the Last Carnival Acrobats performing at both private and public events. This troupe is comprised of instructors and advanced students from The Last Carnival, other local professional performers, as well as Sihka (owner of the school) and her circus family.

We will have shows coming for you both locally and regionally and more details will be released as details are finalized with some dates to save.

Job Opportunities:

Please send your cirque demo reels and resume to Sihka