Hi Sihka, I just wanted to say thank you again. We heard a ton of positive comments about the performance. Costumes fit the theme and the show was very elegant. You made good use of the limited space we were able to give you. I Hope that all of the performers had fun at the event. Thank you for helping to make our night extra special. You put a lot of time and yourselves into it and we all appreciate the dynamic you brought!” -Michael E. Brock II Visiting Nurses from a fundraiser at Abe and Jakes Landing in Lawrence KS
Hi Sikha,

Just wanted to say congratulations on the show. We weren’t able to make the pro show (bummer), but the student show was amazing! So great!!! Good job on pulling everything together and making for a fantastic evening. We had some friends come to see Selah, and they were blown away by the acts.

Selah loves circus class, and I have literally never seen her so excited about anything in her life as she was about this performance. It was practically all she talked about since you first announced it – we got a daily countdown (even an hourly countdown for the last few days)!  🙂 Erin (circus school student’s parent)

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