Aerial Bartending  (our best deal for aerial for an event)!

*$750/ hour. A minimum of one hour must be booked. This is great cocktail hour entertainment for any gala, wedding, or private party.

What is aerial bartending? Aerial bartending is where our aerialist hang from the sky in fun poses and shapes and pour your guests drinks. This can be champagne or shots. Drinks and glasses must be provided by the event. Once everyone has a glass our aerialists entertain them with some choreographed aerial movements and routines. This act is always a party pleaser. It is also a fun way for attendees to interact with the performers, getting some great pictures for those memory books and for all your socials.

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Performing at the homeless shelter fundraiser

Space Requirements :

Rigging from Existing Structure:

Structure must have I-beams or Trusses that can withstand a minimum downward load of the following:

Static load, SWL=  400 lbs

Dynamic load, SWL=  2000 lbs

Estimated breaking load about 5000 lbs

Ladders or a lift will need to be provided by the venue for rigging to existing structures.

Rigging from Portable Structures:

If the existing structure can not be confirmed to withstand these loads, our portable aerial rig can be set up indoors or outdoors for an additional fee of $250. A flat 15 x 20 floor space is needed for this set up. 

For no additional fee we can set up our aerial lollipop stage. A six foot flat space is required for this set up. This setup does not allow for aerial silks or trapeze acts, but is its own elegant apparatus. The lollipop is a freestanding aerial hoop attached to a base stage. This is a great option for events that are requiring a quick setup and tear down time or that have limited floor space or ceiling height. This act can be done in any height room.