circus propsOur circus ruckus prop wagon is a blast for all ages. The Last Carnival will arrive to your event dressed in carny attire to teach kids and adults prop manipulation skills on the diabolo (Chinese yo-yo), flower sticks, scarf poi, staves, hula hoops, isis wings, spinning plates and juggling balls, rings, and scarves. We also have bucket stilts for younger kids and wooden stilts for teens and adults to explore their balance skills on. 

Many people are interested in learning circus arts, but there is no one near where they live to teach them. This is one more reason having circus workshops can be a big draw for your event. Now you can have fully insured professional performers and instructors from The Last Carnival Circus School travel to your festival to teach amazing feats of strength and agility that will wow everyone in sight. Our circus ruckus wagon with costumed instructors is $150/hr. 

The circus ruckus wagon accommodates up to 25 people learning props at any given time. For some events such as schools and girl scout camps the event may choose to break up their students or campers into groups of 25 and send them over to us for 30 minute blocks of time between other activities. For larger events people interested in learning tend to come and go to our prop station throughout the event. For any event we can be booked for multiple hours to accommodate the timeframe to make sure everyone gets a chance to get in on the circus fun!