Patty began her pole journey in 2015. She trained under competitive pole artist Jacqueline Rose, owner of Peacock Pole fitness Gym in Pueblo Colorado. During her time there she trained in both solo and doubles pole movements. Patty worked her way up to perform as part of the Peacock Pole Artists troupe. They performed for fundraisers for great causes such as suicide prevention, cancer medical care, and others. They also performed circus style performances and other themed events.  Outside of pole, Patty has trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Filipino Kali Stick Fighting, and most recently weight lifting. Patty fell in love with pole because it brought her self confidence, and it was a way to work out without realizing it was a workout because she was having so much fun. She enjoys the challenge and is a continual student. She hopes to create a class welcoming people of all levels no matter if you have been on a pole or not; to create a class that helps bring you strength as well as self love and confidence. Her goal is to help create a pole community where you leave feeling amazing and supported.  In Patty’s classes you will learn the basic grips, and shapes that will be the start of your pole journey as well as the conditioning moves and flexibility exercises that will bring you to your next level of fitness. When not in the studio Patty is spending time with her family, going back to school to finish her welding degree, or creating art through photography, costume design, or being creative director of art projects. At The Last Carnival she will be teaching the more circus style pole with our flying poles! With flying pole we combine elements of pole arts with the flair of aerial acrobatics for a fun new feel.

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