photo credit: Jay Kiem with his “Body by Cirque” series.

Healthy Living Made Simple…

We have decided along with helping people discover a fun new fitness activity, we can help people find the lifestyle that will keep them healthy for many years to come. We want you to be able to keep doing the activities you love. Part of that is not only staying active, but fueling your body in the right ways. We want to help you power your body in healthy ways with the help of juice plus capsules and shake mix. For around $5/day you can change your health, your life, and your energy levels. For less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee or going out for a drink you can choose to do something that will make your body feel amazing and re-energized. 

What this program includes…

Four month supply of Juice Plus+ capsules and shake mix. This will help ensure you get all the nutrients for an active lifestyle. Juice Plus+ capsules help fill in the gaps in our diet with bioavailable nutrients. Juice Plus+ shakes are a great way to get the extra protein and fiber you need to power your body. Believe us when we say, from folks who eat vegetable driven diets and live a very active lifestyle, you can never have too much fruit and veggies in your diet. Having a simple way to good nutrition is a game changer. Juice Plus helps feed the good bacteria in your gut so you start craving the food that will power you through to a healthy life. 
So why Juice Plus+? Because it is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables…
*Fully controlled farm to capsule whole food nutrition
*Supported by extensive clinical research
*Recommended by leading health professionals
*Confirmed by 150,000+ families in Children’s Health Study (free juice plus for children with an adult sign up)
This will include Juice Plus+ Orchard, Garden, Vineyard and Omega Blends
About the Shakes:
*13 grams of protein • 8 grams of fiber • Naturally no/low fat • All natural sweetener blend
*Low-glycemic • Gluten free • Non-dairy • 100% vegan 

Learn more and check out all the great products on Sihka’s Juice Plus Website!