contortionWith more kids having access to technology and seeing dancers and contortionists online, it is important that they get the proper training to help prevent injuries. Leave the myths and fears behind and focus on your contortion goals in a positive and encouraging environment. Muscle flexibility can be acquired with persistent training. Contortion class will push the limits and allow for a more in depth understanding of how to execute advanced poses in proper alignment. This more challenging and vigorous led class utilizes traditional Mongolian and Russian style contortion and circus contortion techniques, stretches, and poses with arm balances, inversions, breath work, and awareness. Contortion class will focus on extending students flexibility and stamina to hold through poses. Students will focus on the more acrobatic elements of contortion with chest stands, arm balances, hand stands, head stands, and much more. There will be room for 6 in each class, so make sure to get your child signed early. Contortion is a 60 minute class. $25/class. When you sign up and prepay for the whole session the price per class is discounted to $20/class. Sign up on through The Last Carnival calendar page.

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photographer Peaty Romano