Hi! My name’s Willow, and I am the kids’ & teens’ class instructor. I started learning aerial arts when I was five years old. My training includes Learning To Fly (Kansas City), Bumbershoots (St Louis), Circus Harmony (St. Louis), Frequent Flyers (Colorado), an acro-immersion with the AcroVan (Texas), as well as a variety of nationally touring teachers that have passed through our very own Last Carnival.

I have trained in aerial silks, hammock, net, trapeze, lyra, corde lisse, spanish web, flying trapeze, pole fitness, partner acrobatics, and contortion. I spend my Saturdays’ training on invented apparatuses with The Last Carnival troupe such as sliding trapeze, lollipop, aerial chain, whirl pole, and flying pole. I also am in continued training through advanced silks, trapeze, and aerial hoop classes at The Last Carnival.

I enjoy doing circus because it can feel like you are playing on an adult-sized playground. Or it can make you feel like a graceful fairy. I happen to be really uncoordinated on the ground, but aerial makes me look and feel like an athlete. If I didn’t do circus, I probably wouldn’t work out, so it’s nice that I found something I enjoy as a way to stay healthy. It’s good for my self-confidence, and a non stressful setting to socialize in. I also perform professionally. Performing is super fun! It includes lots of sparkles, makeup, and applause; all of which I love.

aerial chains