Partner Aerial Classes at The Last Carnival

Partner Aerial class will be dedicated solely to moves in the air that require two or more individuals. In this class we will learn partner moves on the aerial hoop, trapeze, triple trapeze, and aerial silks. We will explore the worlds of counterbalance and lifting each other in the air. In this class  fliers will learn to hold their own weight to take the load off the bases and bases will learn how to transition the  flier though moves with grace. Students will also learn partner stretching and conditioning  exercises specific to this area of aerial. Through different games students will also start to play with choreography and find moves that mimic their partner aesthetically. There are so many poses and shapes that can be made in the air when we fly together.

Partner Aerial is done on a private lesson basis. To book a lesson contact Sihka.  Sihka’s aerial specialty is choreographing doubles and group acrobatic and aerial routines. On request partner aerial can be added to our advanced aerial hoop, trapeze, and silks classes.


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