This is a one size fits all 90 inch around and 1.5 inch wide stretch band for sale. The extra thickness of this stretch band keeps the band from cutting into your body when in poses. It is made of non-latex rubber. 

This is a great piece of equipment for our back bends and shapes class as well as finding your splits online classes. 

For splits it can help with standing split poses, deepening and correcting your form in your square splits, and finding a wide straddle pose to name a few. For back bend it can help with any of those toes to head contortion poses, needles, taco pose, mountain, and boat poses with contortion grip. It can help with your arm strength too for straddle presses and straddle holds. This is an all around good tool to have in your circus bag for training flexibility and strength.

$20/each. Please email us for purchasing.