Looking to book a unique type of show for your festival that is guaranteed to draw in crowds? The Last Carnival Acrobats RoadShow will bring you the circus and more! The Last Carnival Acrobats produce 30-90 minute long shows which will include professionally choreographed aerial, contortion, acrobatic, fire, and dance performances. This is a high danger jaw dropping show that will be sure to make your audience gasp.

  • Tier 1 $600 Ground Acrobatics Show (30 minutes) This includes possible mixes of rolla bolla, walking globe, hand balancing, acrostaff routines, contortion,  juggling and  partner acrobatics.
  • Tier 2 $750 (45-minutes)  This act adds to tier one by not just time but by adding a freestanding aerial acrobatics rig that can be put on just about any stage with 6 feet of space for our aerial hoop artists to perform on. Our Lollipop Lyra act is an elegant and unique circus act that is a mix between aerial hoop acts and traditional circus Chinese pole acts to create a whole new experience. For evening performances we can even end the show with our fire lollipop act; and act your guests will talk about for some time.
  • Tier 3 $1000 (60 minutes). The Last Carnival Acrobats Road Show has the variety of acts to keep things interesting. This option can be split into two shorter shows throughout an event. 
  • Tier 4 $1250 (75 minute) This includes possible mixes of rolla bolla, walking globe, hand balancing, acrostaff routines, contortion,  juggling, acrobatic hoop dancing, belly dancing, partner acrobatics, and lollipop lyra acts. 
  • Tier 5 $1500 (90) minute Road Show with ground acts and aerial lollipop acts. This option can also be split into two or three separate shorter shows. They can be performed throughout an event, broken up in the day, or over two to three days if lodging and food accommodations are provided.
  • Tier 6  $2000 (45 minutes) Ground Acrobatics and Aerial Show. This show is a crowd favorite as well as ours as we bring you the feel of the circuses of ‘ol. This show is a mix of acts from tiers one and has the addition of aerial silks, trapeze, hoop, aerial net, or flying pole acts. We can also do a 30-minute aerial only show for this price.

***for events over an hour from our Lawrence Kansas studio, we charge travel fees based on current travel costs***

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photographer Laura Lockton